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Mike Rogers for Congress Maryland

Retired Army Colonel | PTSA President | Youth Football Coach | State Delegate


Mike Rogers has spent a lifetime defending our democracy and serving Maryland.  His record of service and accomplishments are unmatched.

Mike stepped up to serve our country for 29 years in the Army and returned home to Maryland to continue serving as a PTSA President, youth football coach, advocate for veterans, and state Delegate. 

Now Mike Rogers is running for Congress to:

  • Increase affordable housing and help families make ends meet;

  • Protect our democracy and voting rights against attacks by MAGA extremists;

  • Fight for reproductive rights against Republicans who want to destroy abortion rights and IVF; and

  • Eliminate gun violence and keep our streets safe in all communities. 

As a state Delegate, Mike Rogers sponsored/co-sponsored over 80 bills and got results:

  • raising the minimum wage;

  • fighting for emergency unemployment insurance for front-line workers and union members during the pandemic;

  • protecting a woman's right to choose; and

  • reducing gun violence and holding violent criminals accountable. 


Help Mike move Maryland and our country forward with your donation today.

  • Mike Rogers for Congress Maryland
  • Mike Rogers for Congress Maryland
  • Mike Rogers for Congress Maryland
  • Mike Rogers for Congress Maryland

Mike Rogers is a former member of the U.S. Army.  Use of his military rank and photos do not imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense or the U.S. Army

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7526 Connelley Drive, Suite B
Hanover, MD 21076


Phone: (443)-484-0038

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