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Mike Rogers, Retired Army Colonel for Maryland's 3rd Congressional District, Emphasizes Family and Service to Country and Community in Ad Release.

Annapolis, Maryland - April 8th, 2024, Today, Mike Rogers, a combat veteran with 30 years of service and who currently serves as a Delegate in Anne Arundel County, announced the release of his first TV ad titled "Family First." The ad, which features Mike's' wife Tonya, who is also a combat veteran, emphasizes the Rogers family's deep-rooted commitment to serving their country and community.

Mike Rogers, Retired Colonel, Family, Country, Community.

"As a combat veteran, we know all too well about fighting for democracy. Mike is experienced, he is a problem solver, and he's a fierce advocate for women’s reproductive rights," said Tonya Rogers.

The scene in the ad showcases the unity and strength of the Rogers family, with their son, Jared, and daughter, Michelle, also sharing their perspectives.

"Family is always first with my dad. As a Delegate, he fought to boost economic opportunities for all Marylanders, while cutting taxes for our seniors and military families," said Michelle Rogers. Jared Rogers added that his "dad isn't about talk—he's about action. He's making our community safe."

In "Family First," Mike Rogers speaks directly to viewers about the legacy of service ingrained in his family DNA.

The release of "Family First" comes at a critical juncture in the campaign, with an ABC News/Five Thirty Eight poll showing a statistical dead heat between Rogers and other opponents. Over 60% of voters remain undecided. Rogers remains confident that his focus on family values and his track record of service to country and community will resonate with voters across the 3rd Congressional District.

Mike Rogers for Congress Maryland

Additionally, Mike Rogers is proud to announce endorsements from the national bipartisan, "With Honor" group. "With Honor" only endorses veterans like retired Army Colonel Mike Rogers who are committed to collaboration and fixing our broken politics. "With Honor" counts former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Lt. General Nadja West, and former Senate Leader Tom Daschle among its board members.

Rogers has also received endorsements from his Maryland General Assembly colleagues including Delegate Shaneka Henson of Annapolis, Delegate Malcolm Ruff and Delegate Scott Phillips of Baltimore, and he has picked up the support of Anne Arundel Councilman Pete Smith as well.

For more information about Mike Rogers and his campaign, please visit

Mike Rogers is a former member of the U.S. Army.  Use of his military rank and photos do not imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Defense or the U.S. Army.

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